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About the brand

I dreamed of creating a sacred safe space that women could tap into for full permission to be their highest selves. Embracing all of their unique expressions and perfect imperfections.

We create high vibrational art, design conscious clothing, and host workshops and healing sessions that allow women to access their creative self expression and find wholeness within.

We invite you to become the heARTist of your own life - join the Unify the Ties movement and discover your everyday magic.

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our mission

To help women access their soul so they can cut ties to what no longer serves them and BE the Artist of their Life.

We live, heal, and grow by our UNIFESTO

Here at Unify the Ties, we’re shaped by:

Igniting Your Inner Artist

Connect to your intuition through one of the infinite forms of creative embodiment and discover how tapping into your heART activates your intuition. Become the artist of your reality – able to play, co-create, and dance with the cosmos. 

Trusting Your Inutition

No one in the world has the same soul signature that you have. Trusting your body's wisdom will allow you to flow more seamlessly and authentically through life. 

Living Consciously

We focus on sustainable fabrics like 100% regenerated nylon; prioritize fair treatment of workers; minimize waste and energy usage through digital printing; and consciously partner with small businesses in alignment with our mission.

Paying it Forward

From smiling at a stranger, to donating a portion of proceeds to organizations in alignment with our mission, we express gratitude in everything we do. Currently, we partner with The Art Therapy Project - a non-profit organization that provides free art therapy.

"The soul becomes dyed with the color of its thoughts."
 - Marcus aurelius

Here’s what our fearless, vibrant heARTists are saying:

What's Behind the Name?

Unify the Ties represents cutting ties to what doesn’t serve you and weaving together the synchronicities and your truth into a strong thread that ultimately leads you to your highest vibrational existence.

It’s connecting with your intuition, your body's unique wisdom.

It’s creating a reality you can’t wait to step into and thrive within.

It’s following the path to your authentic self by living life consciously, creatively, and passionately. 

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Big Changes
on the Way

We can’t wait to create, grow, and thrive with you.

What started as a creative, vibrant swimwear and athletic clothing brand is quickly shifting into a full lifestyle brand and holistic healing experience. Join Unify the Ties as we live out our big dreams of hosting more workshops and retreats that support women through creative empowerment. 

We look forward to awakening your inner artist through creative embodiment work, color healing, chakra balancing, intuitive dressing & movement, meditation, reiki, sacred ritual & adornment and more. Join our email list to get information about our latest workshops, events, and offerings. 

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Hi, I’m Taylor,
an Intuitive Artist,
Designer, Guide

and Proud Mama of Unify the Ties.

I’m on a mission to empower women to embrace their individuality, tap into radical self-love, and intuitively heal their relationship with themselves. 

I created Unify the Ties to support like-minded women on their journey to liberation. What started as a self-love-based swimwear and athletic brand has evolved into a full lifestyle brand and healing experience. 

I used creativity and intuitive practices to heal my relationship with myself, and now I empower women like you to do the same. 

 I understand you, because I’ve been right where you are.

 I wasn’t always confidently in alignment with my truth…

Ten years ago you’d have found me anywhere but living courageously and authentically. You’d have found me deep in the spiral of an eating disorder, drowning in depression, trapped in a dim light.

 I’d been trying and failing to become that perfect person society told me I "should" be. 

But Then,
I Experienced
a Divine Intervention

I felt a brief but undeniable spark in my heart asking for what it needed. Very quickly it became clear….to find myself I needed to find my way back to art. A space that felt so true to me while growing up.

I changed my college major from speech therapy to fine art - immersing myself in a whirlwind of painting and creating. Each brushstroke & color pulled me further out of the heaviness.

Life Soon Bloomed
Into a Beautiful
Artistic Adventure

My soul yawned and stretched, coming to life after a long sleep. Little did I know that this was just the start of my healing journey and that a decade later I’d be standing before you, helping you wake up your own soul to whatever breathes excitement and adventure into you. 

I feel honored and 100% called to tell you that you too are worthy of self-love, self-discovery, and celebrating your authentic, vibrant self. 

You don't have to go it alone. I got your back.

“Your truth is your creative intuition.”
- Steve Nimmons

I’m honored to support you on your journey to self-discovery and joy.

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