Intuitive Styling

Work 1:1 with Taylor in a custom intuitive styling session, uniquely tailored to connect to your Soul-spired wardrobe, color palette and self expression through higher self embodiment.

We'll play with color, texture, shape, form, function, and sparkle - in terms of how you want to dress, express, create and show up in the world.

This transformational process is designed to help you cut ties to outdated + limiting versions of your inner and outer expression so that you can shift your frequency and magnetize your souls dreams and desires.


Canvas Art

Work with Taylor 1:1 in a guided art-making workshop painting a textural, colorful abstract piece that's symbolic of your healing, the energy you want to express, the color you want to communicate with and the tools you want to release with.

We'll do this by tapping into color healing, self-expression tools, sacred ritual and art making, creative embodiment practices, intuitive movement, chakra balancing, conscious manifesting, oracle card pulling etc.

create your window to the soul

Empowerment Piece

Work with Taylor 1:1 in an intuitively guided workshop building a custom one-of-a-kind 'empowerment piece.' Your garment will be intentionally designed to symbolize your healing, be a window to your soul and embody the unique energy you want to express in the world.

Taylor weaves in chakra healing as a way to guide and customize the experience for each client.

Her unique flow state manifestation process is designed to help you connect to your creative intuition and cut ties to self-limiting beliefs so that you can elevate your frequency, consciously manifest and feel vibrant and confident in your beautiful skin.

Client heart shares
Client heart shares
I played college lacrosse and worked in sales / marketing. These roles have led me into people pleasing; where I have put my inner artist on the back burner was starting to forget who she was. I have worked with Taylor for the past 6 months at an intensive level and the more I practiced her teachings the artist inside me started to shine.  I have changed my fashion style, interest in men, diet, and the way I perceive myself by working with Taylor and her feminine embodiment practices. Taylor is the spark every woman is looking for. She is the patient, fun loving, authentic, and sexy teacher to light the flame so you take action. I love feeling sexier in business, in lifestyle, and with my partner.
— Kelsey C.
Client heart shares
Taylor's Creative Empowerment Session was everything I didn't know I needed. From the grounding meditation and heart shares to the dancing and painting, I felt like I could freely express whatever needed to come through. The session helped me to feel more in my body and more safe to step into my power as a dynamic woman, allowing me to release perfectionism tendencies and constricting beliefs about myself. I highly recommend a Creative Empowerment Session to anyone who is looking to uplift their confidence in themselves and truly feel just how powerful they are.
— Rebecca
Client heart shares
Taylor created such a beautiful and sacred space - a true energetic portal. In her presence, I was able to share what’s truly been on my heart and express emotions I haven’t been able to release for a long time. The day was a mixture of release and fun. I absolutely loved creating my custom piece and being able to bring my inner child to life! It was so beautiful to be able to express myself in a new way, and Taylor was incredibly supportive and sweet the whole time. This experience opened up a portal of healing for me. I am now feeling more clear, self aware and confident in who I am. I have transcended a heaviness I was feeling for a long time, and it’s been replaced with joy and expansion.
— Rebecca C.
Client heart shares
Taylor has a special vibe about her and I am so lucky to have met her. You can feel the artist within her being... through the power of her aura and her mixed medium artwork. She has the ability to hold space and assist in helping others find their inner artist. 
— Author's name