I would love to say I’ve been inspired by unique travel and all the foreign beautiful places I have visited … but that’s hardly the case. I found inspiration from my surroundings and everyday encounters. I’ve had to take the time to appreciate the little things and see beauty from a different perspective; a new lens. From woven threads to textures in nature, my ideas are drawn from things regularly encountered. Things that may be taken for granted and overlooked. 

I have learned to appreciate the little things. Stop and smell the roses. Look up. Give thanks. This started to show through my paintings. Once the seed was planted, it didn't stop growing and as these works of art poured out, a gradual grin grew with me into my now-permanent smile.

I have grown to focus my thoughts on just that - a "smile." The act of smiling. The word smiling. What this simple action can do for people and myself; something that truly goes a long way. Even if you aren’t particularly in the mood to smile, encourage yourself to do
it to someone. Smiling doesn’t always mean you are happy-it may simply mean
you are strong. 

To Unify The Ties is to have harmony within; to feel that creeping grin, making it permanent and passing it on. Letting your inner light shine.

I can't wait to keep sharing my story with you. Welcome to Unify The Ties. 

April 05, 2017 — Taylor Callinan