You deserve a life as colorful and vibrant as your authentic self.

Honor your soul’s unique expression through energy raising art, consciously created clothing, and high vibrational retreats and workshops.

submerse Yourself in color Vibrations

Reiki-Infused, Intuitive-Based Art for Conscious Living

Unleash the Goddess Within

Express your soul's truest colors with our sustainable swim and clothing made to support you on your journey mind, body, soul; from beach, to studio, street.

Pay it forward with the Radiant Roots Collection

A portion of proceeds from each sale supports The Art Therapy Project - a non-profit that provides free art therapy to individuals healing from trauma.  

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Every body is a work of art

High Priestess

Radiant Roots & Green Leather

Inner Peace One Piece

Black Leather

High PriEstess

Pearl Shimmer & Black Leather

High PriEstess

Pearl Shimmer & Black Leather

inner peace one piece

Radiant Roots & Black Leather

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Find the colors and Prints that speak to your soul


Trust the synchronicities and create space for clarity 

Workshops and retreats infused with purpose, intention, and love
designed to help you cut ties so you can unify the ties

Hi, I’m Taylor!
I'm a Multi -Dimensional Soul...

On a mission to help women embrace their individuality, tap into radical self-love, and connect to their intuition. 

A decade ago, you’d have found me fueled by a quest for perfection and battling an eating disorder. After a divine intervention, I found my way back to art and began to be my own healer connect intimately with my intuition, and find wholeness within.

UNIFY was born from a vision to create a safe community where other women could experience healing and empowerment through creative and intuitive practices like I had. 

We support you as you see, feel, and embody your soul’s truest colors. You are truly a beautiful and unique work of art!

I’m so honored to support you on your journey to self-expression and empowerment through high vibrational art, conscious clothing, and healing workshops.

Let's go deeper