With our world going through such massive shifts, it's causing anything and everything to shake up, shed and rise up. And specifically within the fashion industry companies are being called to really rethink their efforts and how they could potentially be apart of something much greater.

During the pandemic like so many others we made a choice to go inward, to really start thinking about what was in place in the past, what was working, what wasn't and to literally "cut ties" so that we can make way for "unifying the ties." We went through a lot of uncomfortable fears that arose...like if we will be able to keep our dreams alive while all going through such a devastating pandemic. Ultimately, we decided that the only way out was through it. So we put on our armor so to speak and marched through. By doing so we believe it only made our foundation stronger and clearer. 

During the past 6 months we have taken a deep look at what we like to call our "Pillars" or our core ethos/values we stand for. One of which is Paying it Forward. During this time we depended our love story with Mother Earth realizing how vital of a role she has played in our healing journey and how much of an impact connecting with elements have made in feelings of Universal Oneness. And so, in this awakening we as a brand are being called to shift and align on more conscious decisions that take better care of this Planet, this Universe.

Below are some of the efforts we proudly have in place currently:


Our solid swimwear is produced using ECONYL®, a 100% regenerated nylon fiber made from pre and post-consumer waste, like fishing nets, industrial plastic waste and fabric scraps. Using ECONYL® instead of sourcing new nylon allows us to recycle waste materials and give them new life.

Some of our favorite sustainable styles are:



We take pride in sourcing and looking for new cutting edge materials that support the on-the-go lifestyle. Our anti-wrinkle fabric allows for little to no prep prior to wear and requires less washing making this the perfect piece to get the most wear in as you reduce water consumption along the way.


We’re a family run business so we choose to work with other family run businesses and local vendors in the NYC Garment District and US nationwide. While some may not see this as sustainability, we do because ethically and spiritually we are supporting dreams. In addition, this prevents us from over sourcing and wasting. 
We are committed to evolving our efforts in this space in the coming year and truly look forward to creating an impactful and meaningful sustainability approach. One that is considerate, creative and fulfilling. We vow to be fully transparent as we grow in this space - taking you along to journey with us as we show our gratitude for Mother Earth one step at a time. Let's be apart of something so much greater — TOGETHER.
With Love & Best Intentions,
Taylor & UNIFY Team
August 06, 2020 — Carson Collaborator