Our sustainability practices are rooted in a deep appreciation for our Earth and the support it lends to all beings — mind, body and soul. So we partner with socially and environmentally conscious suppliers (often family fun) to offer you pieces made with high end fabrics that are not only better for the earth but will withstand the elements. We are committed as a brand to design and manufacture our garments with greater care, to reduce our impact, generate awareness and ultimately play a part of something much greater.  




All of our solid and print lycras are made in ECONYL® yarn, a 100% regenerated nylon yarn derived from pre and post industrial waste such as discarded fishing nets. We often reuse our core fabrics from old collections to new, repurposing from year to year. While we’re striving to transition to 100% all sustainable fabric usage, for now, are proud of our 85% commitment and can't wait to see how we evolve.



We prioritize fair treatment of workers and artisans, and aim to minimize waste and energy usage whenever possible throughout the production of each garment. We intentionally partner with those (often family run like us!) who truly align with what we stand for all to ensure that love, respect and care are woven into every thread.



We use the method of digital printing to produce our wearable art prints in order to reduce fabric and water waste. It also allows us the flexibility to have small runs of production. Instead of forcing garment pieces to fit into a print, we can adjust a print to fit our pieces, reducing our overall fabric use. We’re in love with the vibrancy this process gives our art and we think you will be too.



While there is no perfect solution to eco-friendly packaging, we keep our packaging as minimal and low-impact as we can. So we use 100% recycled poly mailers to ship your pieces in. We love innovation and merging creativity with sustainability so we often design printed materials that feel like pieces of art that you want to keep.



Our brand ethos is centered around a pay it forward mentality which was heavily influenced by Co-Founder and Dad to Taylor, Craig Callinan. It all started back when he would let Taylor have one day a year to play "hookie" from school. But only if they went down to the local soup kitchen in their Baltimore City neighborhood and fed the homeless first. The father daughter duo has carried these values from their family and into their brand where relationships and connection come first. “As a brand we truly lead with how we can serve and embody this idea of paying it forward with every decision we make – no matter how big or small. From smiling at a stranger, to donating a portion of proceeds to an organization near and dear to our hearts, were committed to spreading and expressing love, color and gratitude in everything we do.” 



We've proudly partnered with The Art Therapy Project — a nonprofit mental health organization who's mission is to provide healing through art by offering free group art therapy to adults and youth affected by trauma.

With each mask or art print sold, we will donate a portion of proceeds to go directly to their Tele Art Therapy Program where clients learn how to explore feelings, increase self-awareness and cope with life's challenges.

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