Here's why we LOVE her!

Anna Grace is the ultimate #UTTBABE & the definition of COOL. Why? Because not only does she embrace color with her kick*ss personal style, but she’s genuine to the core & focuses on positively affecting those around her. Whether it's style tips, to sharing what she’s learned through online tutorials, to supporting other girl bosses, Anna Grace is someone we truly look up to!

Anna Grace has personally inspired me to take bigger risks with my style & taught me that every day you can feel special just by putting a bit more love into your incorporating pieces that speak to you!

At Unify the Ties, we believe your clothes give a glimpse into your soul. It's an avenue to be Unapologetically You & Vibrantly Authentic — an opportunity to feel comfortable in your own skin — a way to Inspire others while also being inspired! So go ahead & check out Anna Grace & soak up alllll her goodness! I hope you guys are as inspired by her as I am!

Shop Anna Grace's Top Unify the Ties Picks!

Make You Feel One Piece in Neon Lineage
Anna paired this swimsuit/bodysuit with our Sabali Head Scarf overtop of neon biker shorts for this festival look that is SUCH A VIBE.  
*offered in other prints

Sabali Sarong in Neon Lineage 
Whether you wear this as a headscarf like Anna Grace, tie it around your waist for some coverage or wear as a top you will get SO much use out of this lil cutie! 
*offered in other prints

Not Your Wifey Kaftan in Hidden Garden 
Dress is up, dress it down—your call! We love how Anna Grace belted our Not Your Wifey Kaftan to give shape and shorten the length of this statement piece.
*offered in other prints

xoxo Taylor 


June 24, 2019 — Taylor Callinan