Hellloo my vibrant goddesses! Hope everyone is living well! It's been so long since I've sent out a personal email to you all. I've been a little MIA recently and have a ton of things going on and wanted to fill you in. My family and I decided to take a leap of faith and move up to Brooklyn, NYC. We figured life was too short to stay in our bubble, so we packed up our Baltimore home and headed north. On top of getting settled into our new apartment, I've been designing SS20 for you guys, prepping for the release of SS19 Shifts Collection (next month-more info to come!) but most importantly embracing a spiritual spike, as I like to call it, which has played such a huge roll in keeping my head in the game for UNIFY.

The past few years with UNIFY THE TIES have been humbling, exciting but also tumultuous internally. It's so damn hard but so damn invigorating at the same time. As an artist, I have a deep desire to connect and express myself but for some reason I was feeling held back, blocked, trapped. Anyone else went or going through the same thing? I can honestly say for the first time (in a realllly long time) I feel like myself—like I'm exactly where I belong. That things are aligning and to just keep going. So if anyone is experiencing the same thing, please know that things do "shift."

This overwhelming satisfaction and happiness I've been feeling has prompted me to put myself out there to you guys in the form of blogging. I know we are all experiencing so much right now and chances are, these experiences are connected in some way to one another. Whether its sharing deep thoughts or surface things like style tips and cool finds, my goals are to continue connecting, inspire while be inspired and be open so I can grow to be the best person I need to be for myself, my family and this business. 

I strongly welcome feedback to these posts and truly want to hear from you all. Whether you're feeling low or feeling f*ucking amazing—let's evolve together.

April 24, 2019 — Taylor Callinan