In the past year, self love has taken on a whole new level of importance. Whether journaling and reflecting or practicing mindful movement, there are endless ways to practice self care — and it’s certainly not one size fits all. In fact, one’s journey is deeply personal and unique — just like you. And you get to piece together your own tools that work best for you.

So as we approach the season of love, the UNIFY team has pulled together our personal favorite practices (a lot of which were passed onto us) that we want to pass along in hopes they may inspire you. 

Setting intentions is a way to work on centering yourself and focusing on things you'd like to create for your reality. At UNIFY, because we are highly visual, we like to set our intentions periodically through mood boards. Here's our team’s 2021 mood board.

Download our 2021 mood board template here so you can create your own! Feel free to share and tag us on IG so we can see your creations!

Even if it means locking your phone in your car, do it. We know, it’s extremely hard but it will allow you to unwind and check in with yourself. 

Having issues stepping away? We’ve been reading this game changer book recommended by a spiritual mentor called “The 5 Second Rule” by Mel Robbins which can help break habits in the present moment along with so much more.

We find that it's important to create an intimate space that brings you inner peace. Whether it be a DIY Valentine’s Day Fort, a meditation nook, a relaxing at home spa night or adding a new print to your favorite, shelf display — if it brings you inner peace and allows you to tap into your creativity, we’re all about it!

Here's some inspo:

Cleansing, hydrating, healing. We are strong believers in the power of water and what it can do for your body. We tap into it as a way to cleanse ourselves — body, soul and mind. Here’s a few ways we tap into water as a way to purify and replenish below:

  • Thank your water: In the mornings, we try to start our day with a big glass of water. Before ingesting, we take a minute to give thanks to it — for hydrating our bodies, for keeping us alive. Gratitude for the most important resource we have.
  • Find a source of water around you: A lake, the ocean, a pool. Find a space where you can immerse yourself, relax and heal. If you’re feeling stressed offer up your worries to the water. Intentionally watching your worries wash away with the tide. 
  • Take a goddess bath: For many people, this self care practice is essential to their mental health and weekly routine, allowing you to unwind, relax, love yourself and soothe away your tension. Put on your favorite meditation music, light a candle, get your tea ready. The healing starts now.

An overlooked form of self-care, wearing a mask is a simple act of love — a way to show up for ourselves and those around us. And we totally get it, no one actually wants to wear one. But since we need to, we want to make it beautiful for you.

Plus an added bonus - with each mask sold we will donate $5 to The Art Therapy Project, a nonprofit with the mission to help individuals heal trauma through art with their tele art therapy groups. Check out our masks and learn more about our Proud Partnership here.

Looking for a way to get into your body and move the stuck energies out? The perfect Galentines activity — Swamping. This mechanism was created by @mamagena as a way to locate your darkness..your icky inner emotions/stuck feelings and offer up a beautiful way to release them.

Put a trash bag on like a shirt, along with your favorite playlist and dance it out. 

Special shout out to our girl Paige for passing along this gift to us so we can now pay it forward to you all! Trust us it actually works!

“We aren’t meant to work things out on the mental story level all of the time. Sometimes, what we really need is to just ‘throw a party for our feelings’ and LET THEM OUT! (they aren’t wrong ya know?)" — @paigemccfrumb_


Meditation and Breath work are beautiful ways to get closer to your soul and drop into your body. It comes with many other benefits including building skills to manage stressful situations, increasing self-awareness and reflection, reducing negative thoughts and emotions, increasing creativity, moving stuck energies and emotions. The list goes on...

Some of our favorite resources:

Take a moment to pause. Breathe. And reflect on that question. What sets your soul on fire, what makes you tick? When you think of it, set aside 3 hours/week to do it. Whether it be a creative outlet, a way to get active, doing random acts of kindness...

February 12, 2021 — Taylor Callinan