Messy is Beautiful

About The Brand

"I dreamed of creating a sacred safe space that women could tap into for full permission to be their highest selves. Embracing all of their unique expressions and perfect imperfections."

UNIFY was born from a vision to create a safe community where other women could experience healing and empowerment through creative and intuitive practices like I had. 

We create high vibrational art, design conscious clothing, and host workshops and healing sessions that allow women to access their creative self expression and find wholeness within.

We invite you to become the heARTist of your own life - join the Unify the Ties movement and discover your everyday magic.

Our Process

Our process is simple. It is derived from our energy and guided by our intuition. Each piece is made up of countless layers, textures and colors all emanating out from our heart and onto the canvas.

We start by tuning in to our intuition; through energy healing, breathwork and meditation we begin to create awareness of our whole body, our emotions, and tap into our heart space.

We then channel this stream of consciousness out of our bodies and into the piece that sits before us.

The ending result, be it an item of clothing or a canvas, is a complex, beautiful, unique creation - a true embodiment of who you are.