Unify the Ties New Year's Resolutions for 2018!

2017 was very exciting as it marked the year of our launch. It was filled with many highs, lows and challenges to starting a new business. We're excited to step into this next chapter of our evolution in 2018 with a fresh start and challenge ourselves to continue growing and strengthening with this new year. We plan on taking the time to honor this past year by writing down all the good and the bad; what we've learned and how we can apply that to bettering ourselves. Then writing down intentions and goals for this coming year. The goal is to reflect, show gratitude, learn and be positive. Below, I go into how I keep my mind, body and soul happy throughout the year!


Part of our resolution is a constant drive toward health and to continue treating your body as a temple. When you put good things into your body, you FEEL better. Here are my go-to healthy products and routines:

  1. Flaxseed (for smoothies)
  2. Cacao nibs (great for energy; add to tops of smoothies, cereal, coconut yogurt etc.)
  3. Chia seeds (smoothies, cereal, salads etc)
  4. Coconut oil (for mouth pulling, hair, skin etc.)
  5. Rose hip oil for face (AMAZING)
  6. Ginger and turmeric tea
  7. Celery juice in the morning 
  8. Lemon water 1st thing in the morning then alllll day of course 
  9. Apple cider vinegar shot in the morning


Another aspect is bringing peace to your mind and body. The journey to health is one that is all-encompassing at Unify the Ties. Meditation and deep breathing are something I practice on a regular basis. I started with Boho Beautiful day 1 and worked my way up.


MEDICAL MEDIUM LIFE-CHANGING FOODS by Anthony William and Hay House | Unconventional advice about 50 foods, the symptoms and conditions they can help relieve, and recipes.

It is important to me to learn about the foods I am eating and how they affect my body. Reading this helps me gauge what produce will make me feel at my best! Or, if I'm feeling crappy...what foods can heal me without having to take and medicine. I also love Gimme Some Oven for healthy recipes to use!