Style guru Cayleth Vivas took Unify the Ties to Art Basel this year! Read about her time below and see how she rocked our Oti Boi Jumpsuit in Miami. 

Tell us about your time at Art Basel!

It was AMAZING! I have always loved going to the art expos, however, I’ve never attended the shows as Media. Just as a regular person, it was definitely my favorite year.

Do you go every year?

Since I moved to Miami, yes. I have been to Art Basel 3 times in a row.

Did you have a favorite exhibitor/artist?

Not a favorite artist but galleries, because there are always new artists coming up. I loved the limited edition gallery because they feature new upcoming artists with pop art and art direction. I do have my top three on the exhibitions which are Pulse, Untitled and of course, Art Basel at the Convention Center

What's a takeaway or something that inspired you at Art Basel?

What inspired me the most was The Bass Museum, featuring 3 exhibitions by Ugo Rondinone, especially “Vocabulary of Solitude," where I took the pictures with the outfit. They had a room full of clowns that I absolutely adored. Each clown represents an expression on their face about the things you do privately in real life, like sleeping, showering or thinking. It’s a reflection of people’s actions. The whole point is that when you get there you feel identified with one and “find your clown”. The combination of manic cheerfulness and deep pathos captures so much about the excitement and disappointment of our world today.

What is it like wearing pieces of art to an art show?

AMAZING! People looked at me and thought I was part of the exhibition. Especially because the outfit goes perfectly and matches the clown’s outfit and because I was trying to mimic the same faces they just started taking pictures of me. I absolutely loved it! 

For more on Cayleth, follow her Instagram @Cayleth! 

December 28, 2017 — Taylor Callinan